Growth Strategy Workshops

Get marketing confidence in half a day. Align your team on business goals, customers and core marketing channels, and understand what drives early growth with tactics your team can implement successfully.

the latest tactics that the best startups use

Don't leave money and opportunities on the table with incomplete or inefficient customer journeys. Ammo workshops share the wisdom of our experience gained from helping over 250 startups and businesses develop and implement their growth marketing strategy. We've helped the world's largest crypto exchange enter the Australian market, created detailed customer personas for an award-winning enterprise software company and named (and exhaustively tested) beer flavours for a local brewery.

Market Review

Brand Positioning

Customer Personas

Jobs-To-Be-Done Exercises


Metrics & Goal Definition

Scope & Prioritisation

What's Included

Ammo workshops take half a day. We meet with your team and run through the purpose of your business, your competitors and your place in the market.

We then guide you through a series of exercises to help you gain marketing clarity, from customer persona frameworks to go-to-market strategy creation and the best metrics to track your progress going forward.

You'll also get a report that summarises our shared discoveries and a plan to implement these insights into your future marketing efforts.

"We found Ammo's approach to be novel and effective. We spoke with other marketing firms previously and they offered similar and generic services like FB, PPC and SEO which wasn't what we wanted. Ammo understood what we needed almost straight away and have helped us strategise exactly how to implement our plan. They made our choice very easy."