December 14, 2023

Enterprises are miles behind

Clinton Schroeder & Kevin Venter

TOKN Technology

In this episode, Clinton Schroeder and Kevin Venter, Founders of TOKN, shed light on the challenges faced by mid-tier enterprises in keeping up with the digital transformation. With thousands of hours given back to users, 10,000s of active users, and 150,000 app interactions weekly, TOKN addresses the struggle of these enterprises with their complex IT landscapes. Their solution involves bringing together intricate systems and data for customers, with a focus on making these systems accessible through various interfaces, including mobile. The duo emphasizes the importance of digitalizing services like timesheets and administrative procedures.


Mid-tier enterprises have a large workforces, services and complex IT Landscapes. They want to bring systems together to be available on different user interfaces.


TOKN brings complex systems and data together for their customers (Mid-enterprises). The second thing is to make sure they are available to their workforce on interfaces like mobile. Some of the systems they digitalise are timesheets and admin procedures.

Their one big piece of advice:

Kevin: Get traction and the money will come to you (Luke Annear from SafetyCulture). Don’t let the idea sit in your mind, do something about it, don’t just sit on it.


Clinton: Don’t force yourself to define the problem because people are asking you. Prove you have put skin in the game as-well. (Define the problem and believe in it).


  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (04:45) - The business they would start today
  • (07:37) - The problem TOKN is solving
  • (11:55) - How enterprises are miles behind
  • (14:39) - Reaching their first customers
  • (16:29) - Blind faith, afterwork
  • (17:33) - The steps that led them to today
  • (19:52) - Listening to their customers
  • (23:51) - Marketing & brand activities used
  • (26:05) - The one thing that brings their business
  • (31:10) - The next for TOKN Technology
  • (32:57) - One big piece of advice
  • (35:55) - Hubflow: a communication engagement tool
  • (37:34) - Show & tell

Show & tell

  • Phone
  • Massage gun
  • TOKN