May 18, 2023

Empowering Individuals with Patient-Led Healthcare Solutions

Nic Blair

Midnight Health

Midnight Health is a Digital Healthcare platform is addressing the challenges of limited accessibility and poor healthcare experiences. With over 50,000 customers, the platform encompasses four distinct brands, including Youly (women's healthcare), Stagger (men's healthcare), Hub Health (general health), and Vidality (gut-health product), offering a comprehensive range of healthcare solutions. Co-Founder, Nic Blair also explains the technical process they went through to identify their market opportunity.


The healthcare system suffers from significant accessibility issues, particularly in remote and regional areas, where individuals often face long wait times and limited options for seeking medical assistance. Fragmented healthcare data and poor customer experiences further increase these challenges.


Midnight Health aims to simplify healthcare experiences and enhance accessibility for individuals by empowering them to take control of their own health. Through integrated telehealth, doctors, and pharmacy networks, the platform offers patient-led solutions, enabling users to access healthcare services conveniently and efficiently.

One big piece of advice:

At the start of your business, you need to really understand your financials and have a good business model to begin with.  


00:00 - Introduction  

03:50 - The business Nic would start today

05:52 - Benefits of starting a Services business

09:40 - The problem Midnight Health is solving

10:55 - The rapid technology innovation – is healthcare last?

14:25 - The point that led Nic to the health Industry

18:27 - Reaching their first customers

20:54 - The PR process

22:39 - The brand strategy of having multiple brands  

25:10 - NIB invested $16m  

28:35 - The vision and product roadmap

33:20 - Nic’s one big piece of advice

36:40 - Brisbane is punching above their weight

38:56 - Show & tell

Show & tell