July 8, 2022

Make your beer taste better

Daniel Burt

Golden West Brewing Co.

From a shipping container to a brew pub in the heart of Perth’s trendy suburb – Subiaco. Golden West has grown from door-to-door delivery to producing thousands of litres a week.

What gives someone the confidence to launch a brewery in the middle of COVID? Customers, Community and a Trusted Brand.

Founders often forget that when building a company your product (in this case beer) still needs to taste good. Creating tight feedback loops with your customers and community keeps you on the pulse of your taste.

We’ve packed this episode with lots of growth flavour and nutrients. Enjoy watching or listening with a glass of your favourite beverage.


00:00 – Introduction

01:50 – The business Dan would start today

03:16 – The catalyst to starting the brewery

06:17 – Tight feedback loops

07:32 – Golden West’s milk run deal

08:40 – The Brand and its background story

12:00 – Dan’s growth journey

16:50- What it takes to run a hospitality venue in Perth

18:53 – The Tech & brewery world colliding

24:15 – The future for Golden West!

26:12- Dan’s one big piece of advice

27:32 – Show & Tell: Working in bursts thanks to his personal alarm – A one-year-old child

29:00 – Look for organic growth

One big piece of advice for Founders:

Seek as much advice as possible, not just from highly successful people, talk to people who failed too. You will know what’s relevant, cherry-pick it.

Show & Tell:

- Golden West – https://www.goldenwest.beer/

- Jeff Bezos - The electricity metaphor for the web's future - https://www.ted.com/talks/jeff_bezos_the_electricity_metaphor_for_the_web_s_future

- Bars that stock golden west – Cottesloe Beach Hotel, Dilly Dally, Standford Barbers, Lalla Rookh