November 4, 2021

Gaps, Cracks and Overlaps

Tim Brewer


For Halloween we celebrated with a live episode in the Perth CBD with Tim Brewer (CEO) of Functionly.

Functionly was founded in 2018 with Co-Founder, Damian Bramanis and consists of a global team who have worked with companies including Dropbox, Teamline, Auth0, Yammer and HealthEngine. In 2020, the team won a $598K Accelerating Commercialisation grant from the federal government and this year (2021) secured a $3.6m seed round. Functionly's mission, to disrupt the organisational design industry and bring simple to use software for all companies.


Intelligent organisational design


Helping leaders fix their organisational gaps, cracks, and overlaps


Organisations with 25+ people

One big piece of advice

Know why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you know why, you’ll do it for long enough, and if you do it long enough and listen to your customers hard enough, you’ll eventually work out how to succeed.


(0:00) – Introduction

(3:32) – The business Tim would start if he were starting again today: Working with kind and ‘athletic’ people

(6:09) – How Tim found his way into the world of technology

(8:14) – The Functionly story

(10:21) – Tim’s key learnings from working in the United States for Dropbox

(12:57) – The three factors that led to Dropbox’s rapid growth

(16:10) - The big problem Functionly is solving: Helping leaders fix their gaps, cracks, and overlaps

(19:55) – The origin of Functionly

(22:41) – How Functionly reached first customers

(26:29) – Functionly’s perfect partner company

(29:08) – How Functionly scaled their brand after early customer conversations with people like Ty Hayes at Growth Generators

(35:03) – Functionly’s interesting SaaStr experience and what’s on the horizon

(39:30) – Tim’s advice for founders looking to grow: Know why you’re doing what you’re doing

(41:55) – Tim’s favourite product right now: Hubspot

Show & Tell