January 14, 2021

If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not running fast enough

Jamie Davison

Carbon Group

Jamie Davison shares the growth story of Carbon Group and how he and his co-founder Nathan Hood combined their bookkeeping and tax advisory businesses to create a one stop shop for core business needs.

The group now has 180 people across Australia in multiple business advisory disciplines. Carbon provides accounting and business advisory services for business nationally. During 2020 Carbon Group continued to thrive. Cam and Jamie discuss all things culture, startups, professional services and Angel Investing. Jamie's advice for founders if you are not making mistakes you are not running fast enough.


Financial services for businesses in Australia


Small to medium Australian Businesses

Big pieces of advice

Surround yourself with good people. They don’t have to be the best technically, but you need to be surrounded by positive people that give you good energy. A supportive partner can make a huge difference.

If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not running fast enough.

Personal brands and your life outside of work is important. People are attracted to others with interesting lives.

Have fun. Business is a game. If you’re so interested in just winning, you’re not going to have fun.


(0:00) – Introduction

(1:40) – The Carbon Group differentiation: Attracting the best people by having an ambitious vision

(2:50) – What culture means to Jamie and how to maintain culture while scaling

(4:50) – The unique ownership structure of Carbon Group and how it builds agency within the organisation

(7:38) – How Carbon Group found first customers: A 4-month character building journey

(9:37) – Scaling customer acquisition and the benefit of finding a complimentary business partner

(12:17) – How Carbon Group have grown their customer base through acquisition and the key part of due diligence during a transaction

(16:00) – Jamie’s role with Perth Angels and investments in Rhinohide & Vital Trace

(18:45) – What Jamie looks for in a Start-up founder: Passion, conviction, and domain expertise. As Jason Calacanis says, “They need to be delusional, but with the ability to execute”

(20:16) – Jamie’s confidence in the transition out of COVID-19

(21:47) – What Jamie would tell a first-time founder

(25:45) – Jamie’s investment style: Hands-on and informal

(27:00) Cake Equity’s rapid growth: Employee share plans, track unlisted shares, and manage capital raisings

(29:36) – Carbon’s brand refresh process

(31:02) – How Carbon communicates its multi-service offering to clients

(32:00) – Perth’s developing Start-up scene and how to get involved

Show & Tell

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