April 13, 2023

If you don't look forward to your day, fix it

Cam Sinclair

Ammo Marketing

Ammo Marketing has turned 9 years old, celebrating over 250 businesses they have worked with over the years. Director Cam Sinclair shares his story; the journey Ammo has taken and what is next for the team.


A lot of small businesses are working with marketing and brand agencies and spending loads of money on logos and designs, then being left with their own devices to grow their business.


Ammo is there to support an ongoing relationship with clients to help them grow their businesses.  

One big piece of advice:

If you are waking up in the morning and not looking forward to the day ahead, you need to solve that.  


00:00 - Introduction  

01:50 - The business Cam would start today

05:50 – Cam applied for the wrong job, but it ended up being the best decision

09:32 - “Not happy Jan!"

10:50 - In 2004, Cam suggested Google Ads to his boss

13:00 - 3 main vote drivers in Australia

16:25 - Running a digital campaign in Politics

19:40 - The power of social media

20:24 - The problem Cam was solving with Ammo

24:45 - The 4-hour workweek

25:00 - Reaching his first customers

28:00 - Why do we not have online voting  

29:55 - Everyone wanted a growth hack

34:33 - A tech favourite of Cams – Bamboo

36:23 - The authentic content that can come from a third party

38:04 - Cam's one big piece of advice

39:25 - Show and tell

41:33 - Ammo’s latest chapter  

Show & tell

- A general Notebook - to be your source of truth

- Your Calendar

- My funnel https://www.myfunnel.com.au/

- Ammo Marketing https://www.ammo.marketing/