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Rapid-fire growth hacking for your startup

Why Ammo?

Marketing is no longer just sales and advertising. And digital marketing isn’t limited to email and websites.

Ammo is all about turbo-charging your startup’s growth using the most cost-effective marketing activities known to mankind.

Growth Hacking

The world’s most profitable businesses are now being taken over by growth hackers (the good kind). Using the latest digital marketing techniques, Ammo’s growth hackers creatively engage new customers and convert existing contacts for a fraction of traditional marketing costs.

Growth Hack Me

Marketing Plans

Banks and investors like to see marketing plans, strategies and plenty of other buzz word documents to tick their due diligence boxes.

Ammo can create these for you, along with marketing action lists you can start using today.

Let's Get Planning

Brand Development

A brand is simply the promise you make to your customers. Ammo helps small businesses create a brand story, positioning and design. A good brand tells your story. A great brand humanizes your business, creates an emotional connection, encourages people to promote your business and keeps them coming back for more.

Build a brand new brand

We launch little startups into big markets

Minderoo Foundation

Minderoo Foundation

Nation-wide digital marketing to support community campaign



Digital marketing and growth campaigns



New nation-wide roadside assistance app brand launch and growth hacking

APE Mobile

APE Mobile

Automated sales funnel and global digital marketing campaign

Pragma Legal

Pragma Legal

Search engine marketing supported by a website refresh and online booking system



Virtual Chief Marketing Officer services for technology comercialisation and brand launch



Planning, launching and growing a digital social marketplace for the mining industry

IMR Technologies

IMR Technologies

Pitch development and startup strategy for a Perth-based technology company

Ammo’s Ammunition

Growth hacking is more than just a bunch of digital marketing tools. It’s about unconventional thinking, measuring and analysing results and using creative techniques to drive customer growth and conversion. Digital marketing is never one-size-fits-all which is why Ammo tailor growth hacking strategies to suit your startup’s specific needs.

This is our arsenal – some of the tools we use to convince the world how brilliant you are.

Engaging new customers

  • Google Adwords and Youtube campaigns
  • Social media and content strategy
  • Website conversion optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Creative print, broadcast & digital

  • Graphic design
  • TV, radio, outdoor and print advertising
  • Copywriting and story telling
  • Pitch deck design

Customer activation

  • Moving customers into and through the sales funnel
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Building retention strategies into products and service systems including auto-email and social sharing

eCommerce web design

  • BigCommerce and Ebay online store development
  • Single page business sites
  • Seamless payment and shipping integration
  • Landing page optimization

Customer referral systems

  • Harnessing the power of word of mouth referrals
  • Viral campaign design methodology
  • Discount and coupon codes to encourage sharing
  • Boosting sales with customer reward programs


  • Maximise marketing spend and effectiveness by retargeting and reengaging visitors
  • Using Google Remarketing to remind and re-engage qualified prospects in trusted third-party sites

Tech Startup Services

Ammo helps tech startup founders pitch their idea or product to potential investors. We work with you to look your best by developing Silicon Valley quality pitches and training you to present to investors like a pro. Ammo creates investor documents, information memoranda and websites to attract and secure high value investment. Our contacts in the industry can also introduce you to high net worth individuals and venture capital investment firms to suit your needs. Developing financial modelling and meeting the accounting requirements which investors look for is also an extremely important part of the process. We’re not brokers or investment bankers – we’re on your side and we’ll work with you to get the best possible outcome for your startup.

Get Invested

Specialising in Perth-based tech startups, Ammo provides a plug-in vCMO (virtual Chief Marketing Officer) service until you’re big enough (or funded enough) to hire your own full-time marketing staff. A vCMO takes full responsibility of all marketing related operations in your business. A good vCMO will proactively seek out opportunities to reach new customers and maximise growth using unique and innovative marketing techniques. The best thing about hiring a vCMO is you can focus on doing what you do best, developing your business and serving your customers, safe in the knowledge your marketing is in capable hands.

Hire your VCMO

Launching a new technology product into the market is no small undertaking. If done correctly, a successful product launch will create genuine buzz, attracting loyal new customers who are only too willing to share the excitement with everyone they know. Ammo develops and executes complete product launch plans designed to reach new, high value customers through public relations, advertising and growth hacking. We also take part in product development to compliment marketing strategy, ensuring customers will be delighted the instant they first experience your offering.

Let's Launch

We understand tech. We get startups.

Our business is growing since taking on a virtual Chief Marketing Officer with Ammo. Having a vCMO helps us focus on our clients knowing that our marketing is in good hands.

Kim, Enable IT Services

Cam knows his stuff. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ammo Marketing and using them again.

Aaron McDonald - Pragma Legal

Ammo helped take our business to the next level by creating our online boutique. Easy to deal with, we would highly recommend.

Kristen, Goldilocks Boutique

Ammo raised the profile of our annual not-for-profit event, helping us reach and engage thousands of people and businesses across Western Australia.

Nick, Blue Shirt Wednesday

Ammo succeeded in driving new users to our newly developed platform, running several Facebook and Mailchimp campaigns supported by re-marketing. The most valued contribution was crafting optimised campaign messages.

Paul Faix, Mineler

Our clients have captured media attention around the world